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Logan, who has weathered more than a few storms during his tyrannical tenure as CEO, is better than his son at projecting order amidst undeniable chaos.

Ironically, its members—a group of eastern North Carolina yeomen—believed themselves to be responding to a tyrannical conspiracy against Protestant liberty, and in resistance against forced military service.

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Realizing how short life is, lots of employees are opting to leave their job rather than endure the low pay or a tyrannical supervisor — or both.

He has shaken up the British establishment with his radical acts of civil disobedience, aggressively pushed for change in global attitudes about homosexuality, and stood up against tyrannical world leaders – and he’s done it all from the front lines.

It is no accident that the initial discussions about overthrowing Michigan’s so-called tyrannical governor started at a Second Amendment rally in June.

The Hunger Games franchise is already a deeply political saga, chronicling a growing rebellion against a tyrannical regime.

Mugabe, now 90, has remained in power ever since using increasingly tyrannical measures to maintain his regime.

Those facts, Paul said, indicated that Chairman Mao was a tyrannical monster whose people lived “in abject slavery.”

She was just doing what she could to survive under the tyrannical reign of Tywin.

He supplies a vivid picture of a tyrannical state that eradicated political opposition with chilling efficiency.

"Working men have been hit very hard by the tyrannical Budget," announces a morning paper.

These Fincastle Resolutions also included strong written opposition to English tyrannical power.

Scarborough drank more beer than he had done the day before, and was more tyrannical than ever.

For more than five years past war had been in the land, the struggle for freedom against a blind and tyrannical government.

Mean and tyrannical—those who deal with her, must be tools or enemies,—I choose the latter alternative.


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