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A neuron receives an electrical zap, which travels down its tortuous branches.

The Chicago-based restaurant chain’s entry into the Soviet Union, nearly two years before the fall of the communist state in December 1991, was anything but straightforward and reportedly followed 14 years of tortuous negotiations.

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Failure, as seen in a previously tragic case, could lead to a tortuous death.

Further study of their chemistry revealed a tortuous journey that included several phases of cooling, crystalizing, heating, and remelting.

Wicker’s tortuous justification reflects the difficulty Republicans are having in finding a message to counter the popularity of the legislation.

All of the various things I do I love doing, and occasionally I find them tortuous.

In 2011, after tortuous negotiations, a deal was struck for $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years.

So why take the tortuous and offensive back-door route to appreciating Wharton?

The Quetta Shura official says the negotiations with the French were tortuous.

Now, negotiations will be much slower and more tortuous, but likely will begin before 2010.

Long, tortuous lines of light showed immense numbers of large fish darting about as if in consternation.

It is in threading these tortuous windings that many a fearless venturer has lost foot-hold and been utterly cast away.

A magnificent view is had from Sparrow Hill; the ascent is made by a steep and tortuous road.

The river gradually became narrower and more tortuous as we approached its head waters.

This defile was extremely tortuous, and was never without water even in the low tides.


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