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There's a whole community out there rushing to find documents, disks, and hard drives from the '80s and '90s before they're savaged by time and bit rot.

A great country cannot allow people to come in and savage it, have no consequences, and then wait for the next attack.

I asked Savage to listen to “Sho Z-Pod Dupa” by DakhaBrakha to see where it fell on his universal scale.

On this level, Mankiewicz’s film is a masterwork of subversion, a precursor to films that savaged the American love affair with normalcy—“The Graduate,” “Blue Velvet,” “American Beauty,” and “Fight Club” among them.

Stephanopoulos is a TV newsman, and Savage is a sex columnist.

Bolstered by the momentum of Savage, Masters continued to accumulate up-and-coming conservative talent.

After two years, the dispute ended with an arbitration ruling in favor of Savage.

In a 2009 profile of the right-wing firebrand, The New Yorker called Savage “a heretic among heretics.”

In the midst of the Michael Savage drama, the Talk Radio Network empire entered into another major lawsuit.

Savage noted that “HIV/AIDS forced us to start talking about what people are doing in bed.”

Under so many savage blows, the labouring mountains brought forth Turks.

It makes out of the savage raw material which is our basal mental stuff, a citizen.

Yet a child coming under the humanising influences of culture soon gets far away from the level of the savage.

A primitive savage makes a bow and arrow in a day: it takes him a fortnight to make a bark canoe.

Savage troopers urged their horses into the water and slashed cowering women with their sabers.


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