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adjective as in unsavory

adjective as in unpleasant

adjective as in not tasting good

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The fact that it has since become recognized as the end of an epoch shows how history can be misused to justify otherwise unpalatable actions in the present—and how that misuse can also distort the lessons future generations take from the past.

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Merganser, another type of duck, is quite fishy and some people find it unpalatable.

As unpalatable as a fecal microbiota transplant may seem, the process is actually simple and fairly well disguised, because the recipient is asleep and not consciously aware of what’s being infused into their body.

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Faced with the problem of Afghanistan, however, Bush officials found themselves with only unpalatable choices.

Court packing might seem politically unpalatable, and might only exacerbate the problem if Republicans countered when the political pendulum next swung right.

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Either Uber will continue to dodge its detractors, or customers will eventually find its public reputation unpalatable.

May has a reputation for stylishly delivering unpalatable truths.

But it ends up making that life seem completely unpalatable.

Or not so happy, if the electorate finds the nominee unpalatable.

That would be politically unpalatable, given the very vocal anguish and frustration of the families of the missing.

The latter sounds somewhat unpalatable, but was in fact not at all bad eating.

Its unpalatable character led to various devices to render it tasteless and make it more acceptable to the stomach.

We found the tubers (but not the flowers) of an arum, which the Tibetans collect and make of it a very unpalatable bread.

The most unpalatable fact in physics is that of the Struggle for Life.

But the rind is rough and woolly, and the flesh is harsh and unpalatable, and only fit to be eaten when cooked.


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