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During the Civil War, the enslaved were given an especially odious job.

Trading cryptocurrency for a catalog of weird digital assets—from tweets,YouTube videos, odious sound clips, virtual sofas, renderings of luxury bags, or even news articles—can read like a prank.

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Secretary of State Daniel Webster rejected Huselmann’s attempt to “give this odious name and character to a confidential agent of a neutral Power, bearing the commission of his country, and sent for a purpose fully warranted by the law of nations.”

There is no competitive advantage to making your customers’ waiting time any less odious, or making their access to real people any easier, because your competitors are doing the same awful thing you are.

It is, in this way, precisely not like the fantasies that animate American national life, and that propel odious politicians to power, and that raise the stakes of political engagement for everyone.

Is the lead character Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, intended to be likeable or odious?

A conscience exemption could offer cover for the oldest and most odious form of discrimination in America.

A veteran Conservative politician, Tebbit is well-known for his controversial (often odious) pronouncements.

So why is it so odious to some in the art world when an artist tries to make a little coin for himself?

Rock star is an odious distinction for a musician in the first place.

It was during his reign that the fatal massacre of St. Bartholomews took place, which renders his name odious.

He was also the victim of a particularly odious witticism while living here.

"You are singularly concerned in this man's life," said he, an odious undercurrent of meaning in his voice.

And they told the king that Jonathan had done these things, to make him odious: but the king held his peace.

He is not the only man who makes such wretched estimations or such odious comparisons; the world is full of Euthyphrons.


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