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Director Naoki Yoshida has said that it was important to the company that a mainline “Final Fantasy” game isn’t regarded as an abject catastrophe.

I went within a month from having a nanny and living in a nice house and everything to just really abject poverty.

Our main message is that whoever wins, it will not be enough for him to fix the US’s abject failures in handling the pandemic and to take climate change seriously.

So this decision to open things back up, right before Labor Day, from people who do believe in collective action to contain this virus, is abject nonsense.

America’s abject failure to deal adequately with the biggest global health emergency in a century has prompted some experts to argue that the pandemic may serve as a geopolitical inflection point.

Those facts, Paul said, indicated that Chairman Mao was a tyrannical monster whose people lived “in abject slavery.”

The girls helped their mothers prepare a simple meal as the men smoked outside and reflected on their abject state.

But in any narrative, if the protagonist is going to be at the center of a sea of abject joy and triumph, someone has to lose.

Featuring headache-inducing black-and-red graphics, the Virtual Boy was an abject failure.

No, this brief delay must be a sign that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is destined to result in abject failure.

A more abject, humiliated man than I stand at this hour in my own eyes never yet took his sins upon his soul.

The energetic, the daring, the high-spirited go, leaving the residue more abject and nerveless than ever.

In Scotland, even a beggar has none of those abject manners that denote his class elsewhere.

Meanwhile a sullen and abject melancholy took possession of his soul.

In the latter part of his reign, however, the Emperor passed under the dominion of the most abject superstition.


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