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By the pliancy of their moral code they consecrated the basest means to pious ends.

Would the basest hind in the field have lifted a sword against a woman?

In Doublet and HoseLucy Foster Madison

Mammon, cries the generous heart out of all ages and countries, is the basest of known Gods, even of known Devils.

The French RevolutionThomas Carlyle

Will the basest thought or the noblest inspiration leave a mark on the diamonds surface?

The Treasure of the HumbleMaurice Maeterlinck

All the human passions and emotions were there, the basest and the noblest.

The story of the Spanish domination of the whole of Yucatan is a story of bloodshed, of basest cruelty, of the most hideous lust.

The American EgyptChanning Arnold

Why then, by trying to protect the rights of the former class, should we reduce them to the level of the basest of mankind?

It is the basest, the most shameful fantasy that ever degraded mankind.

If this demand were not complied with, it would show that the Senate were actuated by the basest personal motives.

He had returned to Liverpool, and accused me of the basest of crimes.

Lost LenoreCharles Beach


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