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Through nine games of the 2020 season, the Colts defense has allowed the fewest yards of any defense in the NFL, just the kind of Ravens-esque unit he surely hoped to build.

One thing the National Landing area has going for it is a significant investment in digital infrastructure because of the long-term existence of government and defense offices in the area.

He doesn’t have a defense circle because everyone around him is out for themselves.

Mangroves are also less effective in densely populated areas, and here, says Dasgupta, embankments should be built and maintained scrupulously as a second line of defense.

The club’s 19,000-volume library holds books on military science, foreign policy, defense and espionage.

I understand why you were so moved that you left your secure, comfortable lives to defend the defenseless in a far off land.

This toxic assault accelerates aging and stimulates decline in body chemicals, leaving our immune systems defenseless.

Heinous acts, especially when perpetrated on defenseless minors, elicit equally heinous responses even in sane minds.

Here was one war he could win: a war against defenseless civilians.

Was this deliberate strategy, to attack children who were even more defenseless than the average child?

Here they were, ten days' march from the coast, unarmed, and quite defenseless against a lion.

If I spoke, who would believe me; who would heed the words of a defenseless girl whom he would at once declare to be hysterical?

When Charlie joins the army, we will be defenseless, indeed.

If he had only shot the man when he had stood there a fair mark, defenseless!

What chance has a defenseless human creature against these powers of darkness?


On this page you'll find 41 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to defenseless, such as: helpless, unarmed, unprotected, caught, endangered, and exposed.

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