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adjective as in coming from outside; external

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Such “extrinsic” quarks are created when gluons, particles that help “glue” the quarks together inside protons, split into quark-antiquark pairs.

So, there’s an extrinsic measures of worth, such as titles and promotions, how much someone is paid, or who has the awesome corner office.

The way it connects to worth is that worth can be either intrinsic or extrinsic.

There are extrinsic measures of worth, which includes titles, promotions, how much someone is paid, or who has the awesome corner office.

Technology is no longer some huge extrinsic force that only reaches us in times of war, industrial upheaval, or nuclear paranoia.

All seamlessly addressed—not as extrinsic concerns but as inevitable elements of the larger story.

Here in a nutshell, we have an excellent illustration of two approaches of creative motivation—extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation is about external rewards—money, position, recognition.

Those who rely more or less on claims extrinsic, are sure to be surpassed by those whose power is from within.

Nay the highest ensign that men ever met and embraced under, the Cross itself, had no meaning save an accidental extrinsic one.

By means of the extrinsic muscles the larynx is connected with the bones of the chest, neck, and head.

In New York, the courts adhere to the English rule, and admit no extrinsic evidence, except to explain a latent ambiguity.

Milton has an allusion to an eclipse of the Sun which possesses a two-fold interest—intrinsic and extrinsic.


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