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adjective as in in rural area; remote

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PLA warships and submarines could set off across the 80-mile Taiwan Strait carrying an invasion force, seizing outlying islands and neutralizing their defenses as they progressed.

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Instead, they believe it’s an outlying village whose residents gathered Spanish-made objects through trade, and must have scoured the battle site.

Low temperatures will tend to dip to near 50 in the District and 40s in our cooler outlying areas, which is also between five and 10 degrees below average.

However, an outlying question for this hypothesis is where the floodwaters came from.

I mean, one of the issues with the Milan’s hospitals right now is, they’re currently filled with people who got sick in outlying areas and then had to move to Milan to be taken care of.

Halfway to the park, the hustle of Goma and outlying villages faded behind him.

And late Friday night there were more strikes on outlying areas of the besieged city now mostly empty of civilians.

Salem was established as its center in 1766, with five outlying congregations.

And contrary to what you might have heard, this is not some weird, outlying result that doesn't mean anything.

Simpson found that OMG easily dates back to the 1980s, and even has an outlying instance in a 1917 letter to Winston Churchill.

They clattered through the outlying bazaar without disturbing a soul.

The outlying provinces of that monarchy in Europe would have sufficed to make three highly respectable states of the second order.

They stopped a while at mid-day at an outlying farm, but Winston glanced inquiringly at Alfreton when one of the sleighs went on.

The fact is there are so many regattas now that the tendency is to concentration, and consequently outlying stations suffer.

But outlying colonies of their nation exist, as is well known, in several lands, notably in Persia and India.


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