Definition for deep

adjective as in extending very far, usually down

adjective as in abstract, complicated in meaning

adjective as in scheming, devious

adjective as in absorbed, engrossed in activity

adjective as in intense in effect on senses

noun as in the sea

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blue, brine, briny, drink, main, middle

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Example Sentences

Ogalo, who hosts the podcast “In Your Twentys,” wasn’t used to having deep conversations on Tinder.

It goes a long way, and I wanted to say thank you from the deepest of my heart.

These specialists are the link between deep knowledge of Schneider Electric’s audiences and account optimization.

I do have actual friends, and I find that I would rather spend my limited free time having real conversations with them about our deeper and more private feelings.

Both players had plenty of good looks, hitting three shots from deep apiece.

Deep, situational, and emotional jokes based on what is relevant and has a POINT!

The lascivious sex predator is out; the deep-pocketed caped crusader is most definitely in.

Fumbleroooohski…'” (39) “'Look at me, ungh, splitting my own seam, oohh… going deep.

There was deep brown flesh, and bronze flesh, and pallid white flesh, and flesh turned red from the hot sun.

As he drove me back to the logging road, Frank told me about the area in his deep voice.

He remembered something—the cherished pose of being a man plunged fathoms-deep in business.

At present, Louis was too self-absorbed by the struggles within him, to look deep into what was passing around him.

It succeeds best in a deep rich loam in a climate ranging from forty to fifty degrees of latitude.

And then what could be more deep and poetic than Liszt's transcriptions of Schubert's and Wagner's songs?

The next moment a pistol was fired at their head, and a deep groan shewed it had taken too true an aim.


On this page you'll find 261 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to deep, such as: broad, buried, deep-seated, far, profound, and rooted.

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