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adjective as in very deep

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While quite competent, it demands a ton of fuel to satisfy the bottomless powertrain, especially when it gets a combined EPA rating of just 14 miles per gallon.

Yes, brands sell fatter skis, but those behemoths are better off in the bottomless backcountry snow you find on heli-ski and snowcat trips.

Skiing in a pair of well-fitting boots in bottomless pow is snow-sports nirvana.

Behind her ditsy facade lie a bottomless well of tolerance and an innate and noble sense of fairness.

From Time

People have a bottomless appetite for all things space these days.

He insists that there is a “bottomless warren of unanswered questions surrounding that day and its aftermath.”

Behind her, a family that until now had been looking forward to some Bottomless Soup and Salad is dismayed.

Just a slow inexorable tightening of cold inescapable dread, ending in bottomless grief and loss.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars of foreign aid are pumped into a bottomless pit that most ordinary Palestinians never see.

There are things she could do, sure, to put an end to that bottomless hole she seems to be digging.

She's handsome yet, but her muscles are getting that loose look and her eyes are bottomless pits of ennui.

Something like a bath; on first investigation, seems bottomless; but plummet reaches conclusion at last.

There is a crust about a foot thick which is comparatively good, but underneath there is bottomless mud.

From the northeast comes the Grand, through a caon that seems bottomless, from where we stand.

It was said to be a bottomless pit; if so, he should be all right, because he could get out at the other end!


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