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Naked mole-rats — with their subterranean societies made up of a single breeding pair and an army of workers — seem like mammals trying their hardest to live like insects.

The central, subterranean station has a large, open platform, and also houses the electrical, fire safety and IT equipment.

From Maine to North Carolina to Texas, rising sea levels are not just chewing up shorelines but also raising rivers and swamping the subterranean infrastructure of coastal communities, making a stable life there all but impossible.

Climate Change Will Force a New American Migrationby Abrahm Lustgarten, photography by Meridith KohutSeptember 15, 2020ProPublica

The place I inhabit, if not subterranean in the strict sense of the word, is at least a dwelling covered by the ground.

The Bee HuntersGustave Aimard

Sound of a subterranean roar, with a blast at the orifice, informed her of their 'very deep happiness in the privilege.'

Indeed, a strong light, shed by a lamp, suddenly appeared in the subterranean prison.

Communication between kiva and tower was by means of a subterranean passage.

The ground trembled as if from the convulsion of some subterranean spirit.

A King of TyreJames M. Ludlow

The ground trembled under the feet of the invaders, and rumblings and grindings welled up from the subterranean depths.

Shortly after this it takes for the second time a subterranean course, to appear finally on the surface near Oberlaibach.

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.