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Some of these hurdles are more deep-rooted than others, so we’ve broken down four of the most common SEO problems on Shopify and how you can fix them for your webstore.

Tensions were high, seeded by deep-rooted racial friction and political polarization.

Now, through rootEd, the model inspired by Ayers is in 23 rural high schools and has partnerships with four community colleges.

Ayers and rootEd are showing how barriers to higher education can be overcome with personalized guidance.

We all grew up in an arcade or on a Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and it’s deeply rooted in who we are.

As a man who helped people become fugitives to save their skins, his focus on immigration is rooted in a personal life experience.

The first meeting featured multiple speakers deeply rooted in a partisan agenda.

Colfer's artistic callings share a common thread: they are deeply personal and rooted in a challenging childhood.

Because that whole celebrity hacking episode seemed rooted in misogyny.

The worldwide panic over her new look is rooted in a sense of betrayal to the "be yourself" values that Bridget Jones embodied.

Her feet felt rooted to the floor in the wonder and doubt of this strange occurrence.

He could easily tell where the acorns had been hidden, and, a moment later, he had rooted them up and was eating them.

You cannot all at once eradicate the deep-rooted customs and habits of any people, whoever they may be.

The voices whispered something further, and then in the corridor Jessie saw something that rooted her to the spot.

Houses innumerable had been built for it on deck, but the sagacious animal had a rooted antipathy to restraint.


On this page you'll find 35 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to rooted, such as: entrenched, fixed, established, firm, grounded, and based on.

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