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adjective as in diverse, various

adjective as in not identical; other or distinct

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Example Sentences

Apart from reaching your potential customers, you can display ads in a variety of formats and multiply the outcomes from different angles using these advanced ad channels.

That’s gone and will always be gone no matter how many times I watch a replay or different variation of that replay.

That’s when Washington won its third Super Bowl under Joe Gibbs, doing so with a different quarterback each time.

It’s a whole different game from high school, and then you’re just making that jump.

That doesn’t diminish their suffering — everyone is struggling in a different way — but Bufka encourages them to try to look at all they have.

I was drawn to The Class for different reasons—chiefly, the pipe dream of achieving a tighter and tauter backside.

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance is a different sound for you.

He captures all the different issues a president deals with and moves from one to the next.

When he was first incarcerated, he says some sort of paperwork snafu had him imprisoned under two different, but similar, names.

Paying for things is a lot different than it used to be, too.

Fourteen genera, representing about 19 species, of Mallophaga are reported for 20 different species of bird hosts.

Whether they had ever, at different times, pleaded for or against the same cause, and cited precedents to prove contrary opinions?

“But the laws of Poloeland and those of Flatland are different,” said Amalatok, starting another objection.

Had not this Indian plant been discovered, the whole history of some portions of America would have been far different.

It had been many a moon since we took different roads, but MacRae hadn't changed that I could see.


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What are other ways to say different?

The adjective different emphasizes separateness and dissimilarity: two different (or differing) versions of the same story. Distinct implies a uniqueness that is clear and unmistakable: plans similar in objective but distinct in method. Diverse, in describing ideas or opinions, suggests degrees of difference that may be at odds or challenging to reconcile: diverse views on how the area should be zoned. Various stresses the multiplicity of sorts or instances of a thing or a class of things: various sorts of seaweed; busy with various duties.

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