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By having a very broad and diverse ambassador and influencer network, it allows us to become a very inclusive brand.

London Met’s diverse intake, which includes a high proportion of mature and postgraduate students, have helped it stay on track to meet its recruitment targets this year.

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Of the 12 directors at McDonald’s, half are women or racially diverse, including the chairman of the board.

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It’s encouraging to see international organizations trying to include more diverse perspectives in their discussions about AI.

By the 2000s, the neighborhood had lost nearly two thirds of its population, and was racially diverse but desperately poor.

Congress is now 92 percent Christian, resembling more to a papal enclave than our religiously diverse nation.

So, why no Jewess in the mix of more recent and diverse Miss Americas?

Regal Entertainment Group is the biggest and most geographically diverse theater company in the country.

We are a huge, complex, diverse country still offering freedom, opportunity and hope.

The characters you play on the show are extremely diverse—ranging from a cocaine-rattled rich boy to an ornery Jewish grandpa.

On this point, I have the testimony of eye-witnesses of diverse sentiments and of unimpeachable character.

They rather adopted and purified it for Christian purposes, just as they did the diverse elements of ancient civilization.

It might be a temple; it might be a hall for the transaction of public business; such were the diverse guesses of the travellers.

Thence to Westminster Hall, and there met with diverse people, it being terme time.

Two men of such diverse character could probably have never worked cordially together.


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The adjective diverse, in describing ideas or opinions, suggests degrees of difference that may be at odds or challenging to reconcile: diverse views on how the area should be zoned. Various stresses the multiplicity of sorts or instances of a thing or a class of things: various sorts of seaweed; busy with various duties. Different emphasizes separateness and dissimilarity: two different (or differing) versions of the same story. Distinct implies a uniqueness that is clear and unmistakable: plans similar in objective but distinct in method.

On this page you'll find 80 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to diverse, such as: differing, disparate, distinct, divergent, diversified, and varied.

From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.