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They are specific to whatever product or service you’re selling.

Previously, there was no specific requirement of what type of mask should be worn.

He now associates different areas with specific types of trash.

The specifics of this call were unique, but the theme was a common refrain.

Oh, Naaaaaaancy is a very specific scene from a horror movie.

One specific kind of emergency is at the heart of this, such as when an airplane suffers a loss of stability at night.

So too with a vaccine that provokes a specific immune response aimed at a specific RNA sequence.

Mistletoes infections can kill individual trees and stands of trees, and most mistletoe species attack specific tree species.

“Protocols have specific meanings behind them, rather than do what I say because I say so,” she added.

“Very few agencies offer police any specific guidance or training on how to question people with ID,” said Garrett.

The specific gravity is most conveniently estimated by means of the urinometer—Squibb's is preferable (Fig. 14).

One frequently wishes to ascertain the specific gravity of quantities of fluid too small to float an urinometer.

The specific gravity method is very useful when special instruments are not at hand.

The Specific Gravity is the relative weight of a body compared to an equal bulk of some other body taken as a standard.

A special agent is authorized to do a specific thing, to sell a home, buy a horse, or effect some particular end or purpose.


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