Definition for meticulous

adjective as in detailed, perfectionist

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Example Sentences

LED arrays with many points of light behind the screen now offer manufacturers more meticulous control over how each segment of the screen is lit.

Consequently, hiring the right person can be a slow, meticulous process.

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Producing film requires meticulous math and specific chemistry applied on a massive scale.

Learn about the meticulous & rigorous launch program that brought us to this first step.

Grills are hot, and you have to stand pretty close to those grates to tend to the meticulous work, say, of flipping individual asparagus spears, many of which are no doubt destined to fall to their asparagus death in the process.

Rick suggests a Woodbury-esque sneak attack on the hospital and lays out a meticulous strategy relying heavily on timing and luck.

In a line of business built on meticulous order, the inner workings of Spinal Solutions were a study in disorder.

Without overshadowing his talented counterparts, Cedar commands the stage with a meticulous mix of stoicism and candor.

Both Trudeau and Alter, levelheaded as they are, are extremely meticulous about their production.

It took a special, meticulous kind of person to accomplish the undertaking, someone with brains, patience, and nerves of steel.

He removed his glasses and wiped them slowly and carefully, polishing each lens with meticulous care.

Where evidence warrants it corpses are subjected to microscopic and meticulous search to locate a hypodermic puncture.

My method of travel has always been to arrange everything beforehand with meticulous foresight.

Failing this, he demands, if only as signs of modesty and respect on the part of the survivors, meticulous imitation.

I think without the meticulous minute by minute, just say what it is.


On this page you'll find 92 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to meticulous, such as: accurate, cautious, conscientious, exact, fastidious, and fussy.

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