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When their story came out last week, they said that they had gotten the report from a reliable source.

Politics Report: Forged Footnote 15Scott Lewis and Andrew KeattsSeptember 12, 2020Voice of San Diego

Another big concern for many families is getting reliable access to computers and the internet so that students can participate in school from home.

Google clearly documents in there their goals for the search results, which types of queries require a higher level of authoritative and reliable sources, and which do not.

As a result, researchers don’t have good, reliable data on how the coronavirus spreads — which is fairly important if you’re trying to put together a model to show you ways to prevent the spread.

Coronavirus Models Were Always About More Than Flattening The CurveMaggie Koerth ( 10, 2020FiveThirtyEight

Many beer brewers, however, would rather your IPA have the same reliable flavor whether you pop open the bottle this Friday or in October.

It argues that, far from a reliable source of growth, plastics are uniquely vulnerable to disruption.

The NBC reporters said the report came from a reliable source.

It features a weight capacity of 220 pounds, a reliable two-way kickstand, and a low deck that prevents you from having to bob up and down to get a good kick.

I received an email yesterday from Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute, who is one of the most reliable analysts of polling data I know, pointing out an interesting trend in recent tracking polls.

Using first-party cookies is one of the most reliable methods for tracking people online, but it requires people to visit a site in order for that site to be able to drop a first-party cookie.

WTF is redirect tracking?Tim PetersonAugust 10, 2020Digiday


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.