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It also doesn’t help that the characters are mediocre at best, with only Sadness — a troubled spirit Marianne tries to help throughout her journey — inspiring a small measure of interest as the two gain one another’s trust.

There at the Capitol lies the worst of us, as well as our mediocre selves.

It means that even small or mediocre projects have their value, because they give creators experience, and maybe a paycheck, so they can stick around and work another day.

People began throwing together mediocre content, inserting as many links into it as possible, and shopping it around to any website that would publish it.

Results might have been challenged if a team with the 11th to 16th best record in the sport — such mediocre clubs have never been allowed in October before — had somehow gotten hot and grabbed a crown.

To call them mediocre, uninspiring, and stale would be overly generous.

Jeremy Lin exploded onto the stage as the breakout star of one in a long line of mediocre New York Knicks seasons in 2011-12.

He also took cobbling lessons, eventually becoming good enough to do a mediocre job replacing a pair of soles.

One will not know until the next round—the quarterfinals—when this mediocre Brazil team will once again flirt with defeat.

But it is doggedly, almost deliberately mediocre in every way.

Although a capable specialist, as regards general culture and intelligence Ilia Petrovich had only a mediocre equipment.

For even an indifferent photographer is in closer harmony with nature than a mediocre poet.'

He no longer perceives the defects of his work—does not know that it is mediocre or bad.

The resources offered by this country to sportsmen were mediocre in the extreme.

Never praise heartily, that is the sign of an intelligence not mediocre.


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