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Surely Americans, who are by our own fatuous self-definition fundamentally decent, would never attempt the unthinkable, no matter how angry.

On the face of it moving the talent to Soho can seem fatuous.

During one break in the filming, he was a fatuous British director, “exploring the essence of what we call cinema!”

And “alkalinizing” someone in an attempt to improve their health is simple-minded, fatuous, and dangerous.

I also won't repeat, or defend him against, all the fatuous charges leveled against him.

"They obliterated it with some fatuous piece of commentary about something else," Gough told the Guardian.

Each day he was sending serenely confident telegrams to Calcutta and receiving equally reassuring ones from a fatuous Viceroy.

If he be a little less than perfectly sincere he runs risk of being pretentious, fatuous even.

It was his great merit that at these moments, and in the presence of other people, he betrayed no fatuous emotion.

From its fatuous dream the nation was awakened by the noise of arms, the shrieks of women and the red glare of burning cities.

Mrs. Makely was one of those fatuous women whose eagerness to make a point excludes the consideration even of their own advantage.


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What are other ways to say fatuous?

The adjective fatuous implies being not only foolish, dull, and vacant in mind, but complacent and highly self-satisfied as well: fatuous and self-important; fatuous answers. Foolish implies a lack of common sense or good judgment or, sometimes, a weakness of mind: a foolish decision; The child seems foolish. Silly denotes extreme and conspicuous foolishness; it may also refer to pointlessness of jokes, remarks, etc.: silly and senseless behavior; a perfectly silly statement. Inane applies to silliness that is notably lacking in content, sense, or point: inane questions that leave one with no reply. Stupid implies natural slowness or dullness of intellect, or, sometimes, a benumbed or dazed state of mind; it is also used to mean foolish or silly: He was rendered stupid by a blow; It is stupid to do such a thing. Asinine originally meant like an ass; it applies to witlessly stupid conversations or conduct and suggests a lack of social grace or perception: He failed to notice the reaction to his asinine remarks.

On this page you'll find 53 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to fatuous, such as: absurd, asinine, bird-brained, boneheaded, brainless, and dense.

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