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Reporters at the Press and ProPublica wanted to determine how prevalent these terms are across the state.

The latter is an anti-vaxx belief so prevalent, it led one Wisconsin pharmacist to allegedly tamper with vials of the vaccine.

The takeaway is, this is a variant that’s becoming more prevalent, and we need to lean in and understand more about it.

That number would likely be about sufficient to achieve herd immunity, but vaccine skepticism is much more prevalent among Republicans.

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The condition is especially prevalent in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

There is another prevalent practice in which family members push the victim to the limit until she kills herself.

Yet the sense is that anti-LGBT hate crimes are becoming more prevalent, and more terrifying.

Rape continues to be prevalent worldwide, particularly in areas of conflict and crisis.

The view remains prevalent that Africans need to be saved from themselves.

Sober and muted colors including shades of gray, one described in a local paper as ‘Battleship,’ were prevalent.

They were sure that the white troops in Meerut would soon arrive and put an end to the prevalent anarchy.

In the town the European mode of living is entirely prevalent—more so than in any other place abroad that I have seen.

Between 10° and 20° South latitude we again met with very peculiar prevalent winds.

It is certainly a lucky thing for travellers that this strange custom is not prevalent everywhere.

Very hot; very limp with the prevalent disease but greatly cheered up by the news of yesterday evening's battle at Helles.


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What are other ways to say prevalent?

Something that is prevalent exists or is spread widely: a prevalent idea. That which is current is in general circulation or a matter of common knowledge or acceptance: current usage in English. That which is prevailing is that which has superseded others: prevailing fashion.

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