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noun as in laundering agent

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noun as in complex carbohydrate

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noun as in stiff bearing

noun as in vigor

noun as in strengthener

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Example Sentences

Try the starch to see if there’s any bitterness from the tannins, and if there’s not, discard the last bit of water.

The bleaching process also raises the acidity of the batter, which allows the starch in the flour to absorb more moisture, further enhancing the cake’s tenderness.

The starches start cross-linking in a layer on the outside of the potato pieces.

It’s high in starch, with 24 grams of carbs per quarter-cup serving, which means it can bind doughs together and create a chewy texture.

Scrape the starch into the bowl with the potatoes and gently mix all the ingredients to combine.

Quite a few of these loafs use potato starch and tapioca starch in attempts to produce a lighter, fluffier product.

Sugar and lots of starch will give you a boost followed by a crash that will end your late night partying.

Making it with quinoa instead of rice gives you the wonderful taste and comfort of risotto without all that starch.

Tsai: The ratio of vegetables to meat to starch is much higher.

Starch-granules are recognized by their concentric striations and the fact that they stain blue with iodin solutions.

Starch-granules sometimes retain their original form, but are ordinarily not to be recognized except by their staining reaction.

Starch is insoluble in cold water, but by boiling, it dissolves, forming a thick paste.

Mandy Ann had put on her best frock, a white one, stiff with starch, and standing out like a small balloon.

Have ready some very clear and weak gum-arabic water, or some thin starch, or rice-water.


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