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noun as in sugar

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An experiment with a sucrose solution — a simplified ice cream proxy — and CNCs showed that after 24 hours, the ice crystals completely stopped growing.

Sugar alcohols, like sorbital, for example, are not as sweet as sucrose.

Table sugar – or sucrose, which comes from sugar cane – is an example of a dissacharide, a compound made of two monosaccharides.

With less corn being harvested, cassava has been seen as a probable supplier of sucrose syrup and bioethanol fuel.

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In refined form, sugar (also known as sucrose) has been linked to everything from heart disease to diabetes.

It doesn't matter, they say, whether that calorie comes from table sugar (sucrose) or HFCS.

Every fructose molecule in sucrose, in contrast, is bound to a glucose.

Sucrose or cane sugar is most commonly manufactured from sugar cane and sugar beets.

But it is only with the crystallized sucrose, the familiar sugar of the market and the household, that we are dealing here.

These processes produce what is called "raw sugar," of varying percentages of sucrose content.

Sergeant Holden, go at once to the nearest Commissary and requisition 454 grams of sucrose.

The man of whom we leased this acreage said he had a yield of from six to eight tons of sucrose an acre every year.


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