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noun as in sugar

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The fructose stimulates the production of vasopressin, which helps store water in the body.

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Natural sugars such as glucose and fructose may be where our sweet tooth originated from, but they’re not the only way to sweeten what we eat.

Sucrose is formed when a glucose molecule and a fructose molecule join together.

Some scientists recommend drinking beverages with more than two types of carbohydrates—like glucose and fructose—as opposed to a juice with a large amount of one kind of carbohydrate, which seems to make gastrointestinal symptoms worse.

Granulated sugar is the default sweetener, but glucose, fructose, honey and corn syrup may also be added.

In all, the average American consumes 140 pounds of high-fructose sweeteners, including corn-based sweeteners, a year.

HFCS contains at most 55 percent fructose and in some forms only 43 percent; almost all the rest is glucose.

When HFCS is made from cornstarch, the fructose molecules are not bound to other sugar molecules.

Every fructose molecule in sucrose, in contrast, is bound to a glucose.

New research is brewing debate over the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup, writes Sharon Begley.

Fructose is one of the sweetest of sugars, and helps to give honey its great sweetness.

There are two common in foods, glucose and fructose; a third, galactose, is derived from more complex sugars.

The fructose is precipitated as a saccharate, which is filtered, suspended in water and decomposed by carbon dioxide.

The form described above is laevo-rotatory, but it is termed d-fructose, since it is related to d-glucose.

Like glucose and fructose, galactose seems to promote the production of glycogen in the body.


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