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Now Tinder will find out if audiences in the rest of the world, where its competes with a large roster of other dating apps, will respond to “Swipe Night” with the same level of enthusiasm.

Hadiqa Bashir, on an attempted marriage when she was 11When we chat, Bashir’s voice is filled with a nonchalant and childish enthusiasm, and yet there is something omniscient about the way she speaks.

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Despite pleas to stay away, the president said his visit to Kenosha would “increase enthusiasm” in Wisconsin—a key battleground state ahead of November’s presidential election.

From Fortune

Sprokkreeff offered a company-wide mental health day at Webprofits this year, to much enthusiasm.

From Fortune

The upcoming four-for-one stock split, a move that has no effect on share price but often spurs investor enthusiasm, is one measure of Apple’s success under Cook.

From Fortune

And similar shards of enthusiasm-killing kryptonite are lodged in John Kasich, Mike Pence and Ted Cruz.

Having finally seen Selma on November 17, I must report, sadly, that I do not share the enthusiasm the film has generated so far.

With the exception of New Hampshire, Paul has not demonstrated potential enthusiasm in the early primary states.

Yet for all his enthusiasm for the American film industry, he remained forever an expatriate.

I so loved the fierce bodily contact of football that I suppose my enthusiasm made up somewhat for my lack of size.

These practical demonstrations occurred usually in the opening enthusiasm of the term.

In Manila particularly, amidst the pealing of bells and strains of music, unfeigned enthusiasm and joy were everywhere evident.

Man's enthusiasm in praise of a fellow mortal, is soon damped by the original sin of his nature—rebellious pride!

Nigel's enthusiasm seemed almost visibly to exhale from the paper as Isaacson held the letter in his hands.

To attempt to cut out Mrs. Kaye I should need a little genuine enthusiasm; and frankly, your beloved prodigy does not inspire it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is lively interest or eagerness.

Similar words are keenness and avidity, but their adjective forms are much more common: keen and avid (which are both synonyms for the adjective enthusiastic).

To show enthusiasm about something is often to show excitement about it.

In the context of enthusiasm for a topic, interest, or endeavor, even stronger words are passion and zeal. A more formal word is ardor.

Someone who is considered to have too much enthusiasm for something might be described as overenthusiastic or overzealous. Such a person’s enthusiasm might be called obsessed. In a more colloquial sense, you might be a bit much.

What is the opposite (antonym) of enthusiasm?

The opposite of enthusiasm is a lack of enthusiasm. Someone or something that lacks enthusiasm can be described as unenthusiastic.

There are a few terms that capture the same idea, including indifference, disinterest, and lack of interest. 

Words that not only imply a lack of enthusiasm about something but also negativity toward it include aversion and disdain.

How do you use enthusiasm in a sentence?

Enthusiasm is a common word that’s used in a variety of contexts.

Here are some examples of enthusiasm in a sentence:

  • The opening of the new restaurant was greeted with great enthusiasm.
  • I knew Dave was having a bad day when he didn’t have his usual enthusiasm at band practice.
  • Her false enthusiasm was very off-putting.

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On this page you'll find 141 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to enthusiasm, such as: ardor, devotion, eagerness, emotion, energy, and feeling.

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