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verb as in evict

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When the economy is in recession, as we are now, the bounce-back takes, on average, 30 months.

From Fortune

When you see a planet, such as Mars or Saturn, you’re really only seeing light from the sun that is bouncing off the planet.

Which is hard to say about an a-list that you might have suspected couldn’t have bounced any higher.

From Ozy

In the Atari game Breakout, for instance, a player guides a paddle to bounce a ball at a ceiling of bricks, trying to break as many as possible.

Predicting the fourth quarter is even more difficult — in part because a bounce back in the economy is so dependent on Americans’ willingness to resume ordinary life.

The whole idea was to be a stone wall and just let everyone else bounce off us.

The gosling's best chance at surviving the jump is to bounce off the cliff on its soft belly.

Over the next three months, The Big Bounce was rejected by eighty-four publishers and film producers.

“We were living month to month on Hurst money, and I was writing The Big Bounce,” he says.

In contrast, word that Ebola might be sexually transmitted would likely bounce very differently.

Jack Carlson entered the room a moment later, walking with the energetic bounce of a busy man.

They loved to slide down a bank where one rock jutted out, for then they had a big bounce.

It proved to be a declaration of war, quite formal, but with some variations that really made you bounce.

Fuller says that they were terribly jolted, and seemed to bounce altogether from the track, but lighted on the rails in safety.

W'en Brer Rabbit year 'im comin' he bounce 'roun' in dar same ez a flea in a piller-case, but 't aint do no good.


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