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While others are going on strolls to enjoy the crisp air or playing in the snow, these folks just don’t seem to be built to withstand low temperatures.

We needed the governor to step up and empower ISBE to withstand this pressure.

Since then, the company has bolstered parts of the Dragon’s heat shield, made adjustments so that the landing parachutes deploy at a slightly higher altitude and reinforced some areas of the capsule so it can withstand rougher seas.

From Fortune

Sensors can also help monitor the quality of concrete and whether it is robust enough to withstand traffic flow and corrosion after a roadway is opened.

The fact that they seem able to withstand microgravity suggests these microbes could be a potentially cheap way to extract resources to make life in space more sustainable—and enable lengthy journeys and settlements on distant worlds.

But withstanding political pressure is going to be the least of your problems.

Your bold brand of charisma not withstanding, staid types might see outsized expressions of your personality as character defects.

Now nuclear power-station designs and safety systems are capable of withstanding much more serious accidents [than Chernobyl].

But business and branding aside, the event seemed to be a familiar gathering, cocktail dresses not withstanding.

Fire-bricks, withstanding great heat, used in connexion with furnaces.

I saw clearly, not withstanding the defective spelling, that it was a question of something serious and authorized.

I immediately returned to my rooms and made everything as secure as I could for withstanding the fury of the storm.

The wind, which was blowing in violent gusts, added to the difficulty of withstanding the force of the current and waves.

The Bee is capable of withstanding her adversary; she can then and there slay her would-be slayer with a thrust of the sting.


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