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The obvious news-you-can-use nugget from the new study is the apparent protective effect of resistance training.

Although unlikely, organisms in the gut could integrate those genes into their own DNA and, as a result, proliferate antibiotic resistance, making it more difficult to fight off bacterial diseases.

This ranged from subtle to overt opposition, and sometimes violent resistance.

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It's kind of a push and pull between this is a routine but y'all also kinda get to choose what you're doing when because I get the least resistance by doing that, and they get everything done.

Then, Vaelli says, the pressure would be back on snakes to evolve greater resistance to the toxin.

But that makes the Ismael brothers no less proud of the resistance that they and other fellow fighters have put up.

In the future, antibiotic resistance could have catastrophic consequences.

There would, then, likely be significant police resistance to this measure.

It is this very sensitive issue that has galvanized widespread resistance from previously loyal campesinos.

Conservative Muslim women in Turkey hailed Esme as a martyr and a symbol of female strength and resistance.

There is cause for alarm when they bring one hundred and ten ships into these seas without any means of resistance on our part.

A double detachment of soldiers was already there, with orders to support him in case of resistance.

A mild degree means that the body is not reacting well, or else that the infection is too slight to call forth much resistance.

This stubborn resistance lent all the more lustre to the piety of our benignant Rulers.

His voice grated—like machinery started with violent effort against resistance.


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