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Australia’s reaching for antitrust weaponry presents a model for other countries of how to use competition laws to unlock big enough payments for journalism to survive.

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As far as weaponry went, the YPG and the YPJ had only AK‑47s, a random smattering of heavy weapons, and some PKMs, a machine gun designed de‑ cades earlier.

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In “The Mandalorian” we’ve seen Beskar armor and weaponry fill such a role.

People today have brains two to three times larger than the ancients’, a difference that fuels the invention of sophisticated hunting weaponry.

A modern hunter with knowledge of whitetail behavior and sophisticated modern weaponry can successfully ambush deer.

There are thousands of people ready to join the fighting over there but we are short on logistical support and weaponry.

The trade flouts a March 2014 prohibition on all exports of weaponry and military equipment to Moscow.

Without the proper equipment to repair and operate the Mohajer-4 it may be more of a photo prop than a piece of weaponry.

The MiG-21 does not carry a huge amount of weaponry and was originally designed to fight other aircraft.

They are well-equipped thanks to the modern weaponry and tanks the ISIS fighters captured from the Iraqi army.

Remind me to report the maintenance gang of this hunk for stocking unauthorized weaponry.

And all your weaponry against God will be as nothing when he rains upon you discomfiture from the heavens.

We have met requests for reasonable amounts of American weaponry from regional countries which are anxious to defend themselves.

With it he built his home, framing a fortress capable of withstanding all the weaponry of his time.

His weaponry we may know exactly, for his rifle can be seen to-day, preserved by his descendants.


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