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noun as in piece of animate skeleton

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The $1,500 Embody Gaming Chair has the bones of an office chair.

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After too long in microgravity, our muscles and bones become weak.

The man’s bones had previously been found in the Newgrange passage tomb, an earthen mound covering more than 4,000 square meters near the River Boyne.

Archaeologist Ryan Rabett of Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland calls the new study of Sri Lankan bone points “suggestive but not definitive” evidence of bow-and-arrow hunting.

The tooth and six bone fragments are more than 40,000 years old.

Not long after I was finally diagnosed, my doctor ordered a bone density scan.

Later studies showed that only gaining weight and the return of natural menstruation help improve bone density.

My doctor put me on oral contraceptives to induce a period, figuring it would help build bone.

This leaves people with a history of anorexia and reduced bone density like me at high risk for fractures.

An x-ray two hours later confirms my hunch: my tibia (the big bone behind the shin) is snapped clean in two.

I saw this girl, eight or nine years old, all benumbed and nothing but skin and bone.

Large mononuclear leukocytes probably originate in the bone-marrow or spleen.

That we will, and you never need want, Mark, for I've many a fine bone buried away against old age and rainy weather.

Myelocytes are the bone-marrow cells from which the corresponding granular leukocytes are developed.

Polymorphonuclear leukocytes are formed in the bone-marrow from neutrophilic myelocytes.


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