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This trend has been encouraged by the emergence of the universal owner.

From Time

Autistics may want less social interaction than others—although this is by no means universal among us — but less is a far cry from none.

Some of the biggest economic debates of our time focus on automation, the threat of robots replacing workers and whether societies should introduce a universal basic income.

From Ozy

For example, many advocacy organizations are currently pushing for the USDA to permanently offer universal school meals instead of requiring eligible families to apply.

From Eater

The proposal would have allowed for a universal DH for the second straight year, as opposed to having the position only in the American League, as was the case from 1973 through 2019.

Was there something linked to something a little more universal as far as experiences are concerned?

“I care about what the universal sense of the film is,” she says.

The courage of this husband and father is a constant reminder of how much some sacrifice for exercising universal rights.

And this song is just absolute genius and totally universal.

Most people know the Universal Life Church as a quick and easy place to get ordained without leaving your couch.

The Vine is a universal favorite, and rarely out of view; while it often seems to cover half the ground in sight.

“Well, mistakes is humant,” sighed Sol, taking advantage of that universal absolution.

The universal ignorance of the working class broke down the aspiring force of genius.

It stands very much in the way of that universal adult education which is our present concern.

Wheat gives place to Rye about the same time, and the Potato, at first comparatively rare, becomes universal.


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