Definition for essence

noun as in distillate, concentrate

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Example Sentences

That is ESSENCE – equipping her with what she needs to lead in all areas of her life.

Greene is arguing, in essence, that support for the movement is necessarily support for what ensued, certainly a risky position to hold, given the events at the Capitol last month.

In essence, evolved robot designs must manufacture, assemble, and test themselves autonomously, untethered from human oversight.

In essence they guessed their way to finding them, by plugging in combinations of six rational numbers.

In essence, that deal sidesteps the NCAA, which was also dropped from the game’s name in favor of the broader “College Football” moniker.

Humans spent a long time domesticating cattle, and what they were trying to do, in essence, was de-domesticate them.

They are both viewed in essence like eating Brussels sprouts.

Desert Golfing is the distillation of Angry Birds into its purest essence.

The essence of what Whitney is to me is a beautiful woman, not a beautiful black woman.

“Injustice is injustice, no matter who it touches,” I told Essence Magazine recently.

Whereas Lessard had acted the martinet with MacRae, he took another tack and became the very essence of affability toward me.

But the West is not in its essence a time problem; there, they can wait—next week—next month.

No more admirable illustration can be found of the truth that the essence of defence lies in a vigorous local offence.

Walter Fetherston was a writer of breathless mystery—but he was the essence of mystery himself.

This intention is indeed so necessary that it does not belong to the qualities or attributes of prayer, but to its very essence.


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