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“Our prosecutors have all too often inserted themselves into the political process based on the flimsiest of legal theories,” Barr went on.

From Vox

Turn Wilson’s mathematical crank, and you get a related theory describing groups of those pieces — perhaps billiard ball molecules.

She also learns immediately that this theory is “not just incorrect but hateful, like saying that different races had different IQs” — and yet, “in my heart, I knew that Whorf was right,” that language does change the way you think.

From Vox

It applies a different random error to each piece of information that’s encoded—which in theory makes it impossible to break without knowing the key.

From Fortune

Kindrachuk also works on ebola, and he says over the years many such theories have been put forth in scientific journals without provoking this kind of response.

But at the heart of this “Truther” conspiracy theory is the idea that “someone” wants to destroy Bill Cosby.

Is it sort of evidence of the Gladwellian 10,000 hours theory?

But a 2011 study of genetic evidence from 30 ethnic groups in India disproved this theory.

But, in theory, that started to change last week with the first meeting of SIX, the State Innovation Exchange.

So I was happy to see that the European theory of terroir was in action, promoting with pride the qualities of a specific region.

In the year of misery, of agony and suffering in general he had endured, he had settled upon one theory.

Dean Swift was indeed a misanthrope by theory, however he may have made exception to private life.

The other is the new theory: that the Bible is the work of many men whom God had inspired to speak or write the truth.

The evolution theory alleges that they were evolved, slowly, by natural processes out of previously existing matter.

And our surroundings at that particular moment were not the most favorable to coherent thought or plausible theory-building.


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