Definition for premise

noun as in hypothesis, argument

verb as in hypothesize

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Example Sentences

Somehow, an intriguing premise and two dynamic performers aren’t enough to save this movie from its almost unbearable tediousness.

From Vox

The reason they do that is because they feel that they have a better opportunity to intimidate people on their way to a vote if it’s conducted at their own premises.

From Time

The premise was these household brands would subsidize my groceries in exchange for real-time data on the buying habits of shoppers like me.

From Fortune

The company had pre-pandemic plans to build five to 10 more, but Covid-19 proved to be a mass blow for a retail store chain built on the premise of offering a space for children to play in-person around purchasable toys.

From Digiday

Also included in RISE is support for more than 2,200 APIs to integrate various on-premises, cloud and non-SAP systems, access to SAP’s low-code and no-code capabilities and, of course, its database and analytics offerings.

ThinkProgress calls the premise “uncomfortable and vaguely sad.”

The premise was simple: satire is devastating against tyrants.

The premise of the sketch was that sex was too spontaneous to be regulated, and the quiz show played that idea to the hilt.

But its premise—that jazz artists take themselves far too seriously—would get repeated again and again in subsequent days.

The only thing more horrifying than the premise of this video is the resolution.

He based this plan upon the premise that democracy would be more successful if greater numbers of individuals were educated.

Aristotle reasoned without sufficient certainty of the major premise of his syllogisms.

Minor premise: Socrates is a man, including an individual in the general class.

The major term is usually the predicate of the major premise and the predicate of the conclusion.

If the major premise of this syllogism be granted, the conclusion is unquestionable.


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