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Neither of which hypotheses was correct, for as we have already heard, Hopkins had departed for Norway.

Toppleton's ClientJohn Kendrick Bangs

There may be other hypotheses which fit the facts much better, but none seems yet to have been suggested.

Climatic ChangesEllsworth Huntington

If they were not, the hypotheses which I venture to present are of no value, while that of Mr. Atkinson shares their doom.

We should rather recognise a place for fools' hypotheses, as Darwin did for "fools' experiments."

LogicCarveth Read

Almost all the peculiarities of the Memphite tomb are to be explained by the hypotheses with which primitive man is content.

But he did not wish to close up the future; he was glad, on the contrary, to bequeath his hypotheses to the younger generation.

Doctor PascalEmile Zola

If hypotheses need never be verified,need not even be capable of verification,one may go on constructing them ad infinitum.

But it is useless to construct any hypotheses on the subject.

But, frankly, none of these hypotheses appear to me to be tenable; the mystery does not lie so plainly on the surface.

In JeopardyVan Tassel Sutphen

Porter concocted theories and hypotheses out of cobwebs and became furious with anyone who tried to tear them down.

By ProxyGordon Randall Garrett

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