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“The only plausible rationale is that they want fewer people taking tests, because as the president has said, if we don’t take tests, you won’t know the number of people who are Covid-positive,” Cuomo told The New York Times.

If Xi concludes that it’s pointless to wait for America’s anti-China politics to ebb, the rationale to strike back grows.

From Ozy

Even after decades of molecular research on the light-harvesting machinery in plants, scientists could not establish a detailed rationale for plants’ color.

The rationale for doing so centered not on an antitrust analysis, but because he did not like the nature of their underlying business.

From Quartz

Most studies that used only one sex offered no rationale for doing so.

But fishing for rationale in harassment is almost always a waste of time.

Erdogan and AKP officials also use religious rationale against abortion.

The rationale in those cases, he said, is that DNA should be used to identify the assailant.

What was your rationale behind ending Rilo Kiley and moving on to the next phase of your career?

The feminist rationale for ectogenesis seems to practically write itself.

As far as the rationale can be given of what is finally irrational, he interprets the moral situation for us.

For the utensil is the symbol of a psychology, of a rationale of living, of an esthetic ideal, of a spiritual recognition.

For I found upon inquiry they could not give any manner of rationale of their own divine service.

The practical value of Bentham's method is perhaps best illustrated by his Rationale of Evidence.

The wheels had merely got clogged by the oil congealed by the cold; which at once explains the rationale of the remedy adopted.


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