Definition for list

verb as in lean, slant

Strong matches

cant, careen, heel, incline, pitch, recline, slope, tilt, tip

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Example Sentences

It’s a mark of a complete passer to threaten both sides of the 3-point line, and Gilgeous-Alexander joins an elite list.

Badminton is a zero-sum game, with exactly the same number of winners as losers, so it’s notable that “I’m going to lose” is the top of the list while “I’m going to win” doesn’t even show up.

About 70 percent of the students on that list were also considered chronically absent before the pandemic.

Those lists include providers at hospitals, clinics, public health centers, doctor's offices, drug stores, and grocery store pharmacies.

With that, you can add stew to the list of dishes that are rocketed by “put a salad on it,” a list that I’d say is long enough to get that hashtag trending, too.

As this list shows, punishments typically run to a short-ish jail sentence and/or a moderately hefty fine.

“Gronkowski” itself never manages to sound more erotic than the name of a hearty Polish stew or a D-list WWE performer.

With all due respect to his athletic skill, Gronkowski is not high on the list of NFL players that elicit carnal thoughts.

In fact, he's not even high on the list of NFL players one jerks off too during halftime at Gillette Stadium.

There is a larger reason, beyond the airlines themselves, why Lion Air and 61 other Indonesian airlines are on this black list.

He gives a list of the sponsors of the baptized Indians, who included many of the French nobility and clergy.

The great Mr. Abrahams had an unlimited commission to secure at any price, a long list of great works.

The Gentleman's Magazine contains a long list of the bridges and churches which attest his reputation and skill.

Throughout the German States the custom of smoking is universal and tobacco enters largely into their list of expenditures.

The result of this stock-taking shows that eleven volumes were unaccounted-for, a list of which is appended.


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