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I went on, dwelling on the subject with a dreadful fascination, as one looks over the brink of a precipice.

The Powers and MaxineCharles Norris Williamson

Rabelais looks over all the gadgets we have and those that are too much ahead of our time, he throws away.

ProbabilityLouis Trimble

It takes five or six minutes to reach the terrace which looks over the road.

Up to midnight it looks over to a blank wall which forms a London lovers' lane.

Jack bounds aloft, the explosion instantly follows, bruises his face as he looks over; he is safe above ground: and poor Will?

Many a slip of the pen and the printer, many a word spoken in haste, he sees and would recall as he looks over his volume.

The History of PendennisWilliam Makepeace Thackeray

When one looks over the vista of years which have passed since that mournful day, it is with sadness mingled with regret.

Queen VictoriaE. Gordon Browne

He looks over his shoulder to behold the great Finn McCool, central figure in centuries of romance.

Penelope's Irish ExperiencesKate Douglas Wiggin

It is easily accessible from Galway town, and looks over the bay, but it is more like a long natural harbour without ships.

Ireland as It IsRobert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)

She looks over toward the other window, with a very scornful smile on her very beautiful lips.

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