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noun as in eye

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noun as in gander

noun as in glance

noun as in glimpse

verb as in gape

verb as in gawk

verb as in leer

verb as in ogle

verb as in peer

verb as in rubberneck

verb as in sight

verb as in stare

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Example Sentences

As Packer said about dashboards as an easier entry, that’s more eyeballs on sponsored products without the NHL cost.

The smartest buyers are learning CTV can be about much more than chasing eyeballs.

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It has forced them to get creative and lean on the wealth of knowledge they have about consumers to create original, flashy, engaging, and attention-grabbing content that draws eyeballs.

They work by changing how light enters the eyeball, preventing the conditions that cause myopia to progress.

For example, Google has made several changes that keep eyeballs on their own results pages instead of diverting that traffic to other websites.

From Digiday

The two countries were eyeball to eyeball in a tense standoff for almost a year.

For many this can be totally doable, while those averse to numbers might rather just eyeball their portions.

Hedren narrowly missed having an eyeball clawed out during one take.

The arctic char eyeball, on the other hand, which I had the day after—a raw eyeball is a whole other matter.

Bigwigs headhunting superhumans to run splashy enterprises eyeball you.

But thou art silent, And from thine eyeball flames contemptuous anger.

They had a secret iv rasslin' be which a Jap rassler cud blow on his opponent's eyeball an' break his ankle.

Here the radium rays had acted upon the eyeball through the bones of the head.

My heart was in my mouth, for at first I believed from his expression that he had detected the gleam of my eyeball.

Things that rode meaningless on the eyeball an instant before slid into proper proportion.


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