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This son of an artist-painter father and occupational therapist mother initially wanted to be a chef, thanks to his discerning palate.

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Choosing a mix from a single brand may allow you to discern differences more consistently than randomly selecting styles from a variety of brands.

It is not with some discerning eye on my part that I wound up on a show that still somehow manages to be culturally relevant 20 years later.

Designed as fun teaching tools, they’re meant to help both budding news consumers and veteran news junkies learn how to discern factually sound, vetted reporting from malicious misinformation.

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This allows them to smell with higher sensitivity, while being able to minutely discern what they’re smelling—blood or Deet.

But, as far as I can discern, they do focused, pragmatic work.

The addicting ditty “One of These Things” was used to help children learn to compare and discern differences.

Meaning, one was left to discern, that religion is self-evidently a coercive force for ill.

Lately though it seems the line between spin and reality is harder to discern.

Rational people, they contend, would take the time to discern whether the person behind the weapon was an actual threat.

It did not amuse me, nor, so far as I could discern, was Monsieur de Tressan greatly taken with it.

At 1720 to 1725 a close student of his work of hand may discern some signs of what was to follow, it might be said naturally.

Not once, by word or deed, can we discern that he cherished any idea of future renown.

In coasting along the shore, you will discern the summits which are marked on the chart.

Few minds could discern distinctly the path of truth and duty through the clouds and vapors of those stormy times.


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