Antonyms for catches

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He also is the chief of the police force and catches the thieves.

That is what I said--that I am glad this is Culbertson who catches me.

An Ohio regiment, which can also deal with Slade if it catches him, will defile to the left.

"He's a dandy if he catches Baumberger," Miss Georgie averred, gloomily.

The stork is a bird of prey; it is vigilant, greedy, and catches gudgeons.

The kiwi is the latest of all the birds, but catches the most worms.

I invent a whole biography for each one that catches my eye.

Alvar rushes through the Moors and catches him in his arms.'

And if she catches you makin' eyes at her best feller—Whew!'

The outer beach is the place that catches it when there's a gale on.


late 14c., "device to hold a latch of a door," also "a trap;" also "a fishing vessel," from catch (v.). Meaning "action of catching" attested from 1570s. Meaning "that which is caught or worth catching" (later especially of spouses) is from 1590s. Sense of "hidden cost, qualification, etc." is slang first recorded 1855 in P.T. Barnum.