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He and his collaborators are working on a paper summarizing what they’ve discovered so far, but they’re nearly out of ideas and will likely have to give up on Collatz soon — for now, at least.

Accurately summarizing long documents is difficult for humans too.

From Fortune

To summarize, it was only possible to arrange students so that no two were in the correct position relative to each other when N was odd.

Mathematicians collate the representations of a given group into a table — called a character table — that summarizes information about the group.

Agnieszka Mika and Monika Fleshner summarized the studies behind that conclusion in the January 2016 Immunology and Cell Biology.

We can summarize the three and a half hours of Oscars content for shafted viewers.

The plot is easy to summarize because there isn't much of it.

This rant is pretty difficult to summarize coherently, so probably best to just watch for yourself.

Rob Ford has a history of scandals too long to summarize in any one place.

Netanyahu's meandering and uninspired drivel left many confused but I will attempt to summarize it.

As Mr. Harwood is to appear frequently in this chronicle, it may be well to summarize briefly the facts of his history.

We need do little more than summarize then—adding a touch here and there, perhaps, from another point of view.

Therefore, I shall do no more here and now than briefly summarize the Socialist answer to them.

To summarize: The intelligence of primitive man is indeed restricted to a narrow sphere of activity.

And now that I come to summarize these lessons I find a single note running through all--from beginning to end.


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