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A famous example of decoupling occurred after golfer Tiger Woods’s sex scandal, Reed said, with some of his fans deciding they could separate “Tiger Woods the golfer and Tiger Woods the cheating husband.”

He had always been a midfielder, but at the Barcelona academy, coaches decided to try him at forward.

I have zero problem with Cuban initially deciding not to play the anthem at Mavericks games this season.

The Schneider Electric team decided it was time for a change.

It was deciding to step away from the team immediately afterward that was difficult.

Between 25 and 30, you’re trying to decide how much longer before you start growing a beard and calling yourself ‘Daddy.

Where the U.S. once depended on its own forces to determine who was military material, this time the Iraqis will decide.

At that point, the Library of Congress can once again decide to prohibit consumers from unlocking their cell phones.

People always have to perceive the problems before them, including many unexpected nuances, and decide how to handle them.

Washington cannot let others—whether in Pyongyang or Beijing or Moscow, or Tehran—decide what Americans read or watch.

Decide about it, ye that are learned in the ethnographic distinctions of our race—but heaven defend us from the Bourbonnaises!

How dare you decide in this cold-blooded way whether I am to be called—ah—Tosh—or—ah—Porker!

It was probably this opposition that made young Cargill decide that it would be really worth while to defy the legend.

An appeal has been made by them from the House of Commons to you, and it is for the country to decide the question at issue.

He must therefore decide at once either to continue his membership or withdraw.


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What are other ways to say decide?

To decide is to make up one’s mind as to what shall be done and the way to do it: He decided to go today. To determine is to arrive at a conclusion after reasoning or observation: He determined that there was no available path to victory. To resolve is to show firmness of purpose: He resolved to ask for a promotion. 

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