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He attacked the governor for what he said was placating teachers unions at the expense of kids and families.

One of the best parts about visiting Houston as a tourist is you’re mostly competing with Houstonians, and most of the restaurants, bars, and attractions haven’t been altered by the need to placate the tourist gaze.

Uber made changes aimed at placating drivers in an effort to show they were independent of its control, and thus didn’t need to be made employees under the state law.

They have to placate their quarterback without sacrificing their team-building vision, and they have to make hard decisions without upsetting their quarterback.

No matter who’s running the front office, they remain strategic and value-based in roster construction, not all that into making splashy free agent signings or tweaking draft decisions to placate their quarterback.

Given the somewhat macabre origins of the feast, many of the celebrations were designed to placate the gods.

He, too, refused to work with the Kudo-kai or placate them and he, too, was shot to death just last December.

Will putting Castro in the Cabinet be enough to placate those Latinos disillusioned with Obama?

The police inside, clearly alarmed, did nothing while their senior officer leaned out of the window and tried to placate the mob.

So, to placate his parents, he decides to marry Wei-Wei (May Chin), a penniless Chinese opera singer in his building.

At those words, designed to placate, the fire which smouldered in Lola's breast burst into sudden flame.

But the thought of his own had by now become a much greater anxiety to him than the wish to placate Chloe.

Mrs. Patton was still in mourning, a filmy and diaphanous kind of mourning, beautiful enough to placate the angel Azrael himself.

“Or call it by some pretty name to placate it,” Euphrosyne suggested.

It is the office of a mediator to conciliate the party that is offended and to placate the party that is the offender.


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