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Obama, whose policies were more moderate than his lofty campaign rhetoric, sought to reassure the establishment and reconcile with the Clinton wing.

Lenders also can request access to real-time API data feeds to view performance of their borrowers and reconcile transaction data.

It’s a process that has been around since the 1970s and was meant to make it easier for the House and the Senate to reconcile differences in budget and tax bills.

It is not an obvious threshold, and it confused school officials trying to reconcile state and local government guidance.

Bringing about moderate democracy and sound governance in Hong Kong, while reconciling Beijing and Hong Kong’s interests, is at the very least a Herculean effort.

From Time

America presents two contradictory narratives that it struggles to reconcile.

Reconcile is a rapper from Houston, a city with a rich hip-hop legacy.

But Reconcile is from a slightly different arm of Houston hip-hop—more focused on spiritual triumph over the trap.

Efforts to reconcile these differences have been delayed and the issue remains disputed.

First Lady Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Fitz reconcile—because of the whole rape thing—and we learn the son is actually his.

I cannot reconcile the idea of a tender Heavenly Father with the known horrors of war, slavery, pestilence, and insanity.

But, of course, all that is impossible, and the thing is to reconcile them to the inevitable things they have to face.

Here, then, is sufficient to reconcile the women to Mahomet, who has not used them so hardly as he is said to have done.

But how are we to reconcile improbable facts related in a contradictory manner?

So Corydon had to reconcile herself to a house with a stove, and a stove-pipe that went through a hole in the wall!


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