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The subparticles have been named partons, and whether or not they correspond to the hypothetical quarks remains a moot question.

Those stations’ corresponding websites, where the video segments are published alongside written articles, also reach a broad audience with 75 million visitors per month, according to the company.

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In the months after the meeting, the network saw Facebook video viewership and corresponding revenue roughly double in November and December.

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A good practice would be to place your images into different category folders that would correspond to your different products instead of just lumping them all into one generic folder.

Any contract with at least one sentence with a high similarity to a representative provision was considered likely to fall in the corresponding category and became a candidate for further review.

Franco adopted different looks for each section to correspond with their respective psyche.

They just liked what they liked, which happened to correspond to what a lot of other little girls liked.

The special powers correspond to each world and each game “master.”

The three goals correspond to the three main sectors of the Palestinian people today.

The number of lunar cycles does not correspond easily to the number of seasonal ones.

In practice one party seems about as bad as the other, but at least the Democratic ideals more nearly correspond with my own.

And the latter supposition, indeed, seems to correspond with the circumstances of the facts.

As the tale is told at great length, I quote only a few of the lines that most closely correspond to Chaucer.

In fact, eleven stanzas (183-259) correspond to Boccaccio's Teseide, Canto vii.

With regard to the Whirlwind, perhaps it might correspond better to Dors picture; it has not turned out quite what I wanted.


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