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The underlying problem is whether conservatives can continue to acquiesce quietly in a rendition of the causes of the decline of the Republic and the entire Western world which is false.

TV networks will face the potential fallout from acquiescing to advertisers’ flexibility demands, while advertisers will see whether the money they moved to streaming in last year’s upfront was well spent.

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Rather than reject it or treat it in an aloof manner, they always seemed to acquiesce to it.

It doesn’t help that, despite decades of effort, America’s federal government has not acquiesced to requests to recognize the existence of the modern Acjachemen, Mutsun Ohlone, Tongva and numerous other tribes in the area.

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“She was put in a terrible position,” Fletcher said of Wooten’s decision to acquiesce to Newsom’s determination.

He was force of nature and a force for good that eventually, they had to acquiesce.

Why should we acquiesce in the preparation of our spirits for the worst kind of servility—slavery to fate?

Yet as with cars, the gun industry rejects all responsibility for itself - and gun advocates acquiesce.

Are five crotchety conservative men likely to decide to acquiesce to this change, or fight it?

If you let by without dispute a failure of language you acquiesce in an affront against literary integrity.

The old gentleman pressed us to remain, as the meeting would begin immediately, and we were delighted to acquiesce.

To be law-abiding means to acquiesce, if not directly participate, in that conspiracy.

I acquiesce in this hand of fate; for I think another cold just now would just about do for me.

There was nothing to do but acquiesce; especially as I now was trying to draw from him something of what had brought him there.

He would acquiesce in the sufficiency of the reason first given, "bodies which contain more particles are heavier."


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is acquiesce different from similar verbs?

Acquiesce is a pretty specific word. It means to comply, especially silently or without protest.

It often (though not always) implies that the person complying is giving in or surrendering (and it might even imply that they’re weak for doing so). It’s especially used in the context of giving into someone’s requests or demands, as in You can’t always acquiesce to his demands—you need to stand up for yourself!

What is another word for acquiesce?

The synonym submit is close in meaning, and it can also imply that someone is giving in or surrendering. In fact, give in and surrender can also be used as synonyms, though they always emphasize this aspect of the word. Cave is a more informal way of saying this, as in Don’t cave to his demands. 

The verbs comply, agree, consent, and assent are much more general and neutral—they don’t typically imply a sense of surrender.

When should accede be used instead of acquiesce?

Accede is close in meaning to acquiesce—it means to give consent or approval or to agree to something. However, it does not typically imply that such consent is a form of surrender or giving in.

What is the opposite (antonym) of acquiesce?

Acquiesce means to comply, and words that mean the opposite of that include dissent, disagree, and refuse. The general sense of the verb protest especially indicates that the disagreement or disapproval is done in a vocal or public way—the opposite of silently acquiescing.

What’s the difference between acquiesce vs. acquiescence?

Acquiesce is a verb. Acquiescence is a noun that means the act of acquiescing, as in Our acquiescence is based on a few conditions. The adjective form is acquiescent, which describes someone who is likely to acquiesce.

How do you use acquiesce in a sentence?

Acquiesce is a somewhat formal word, and it can have some negative implications, so take care to use it in the right situations.

Here are some examples of acquiesce in a sentence:

  • They are threatening to terminate the contract if we don’t acquiesce to the new terms. 
  • If you were to ask politely, I would be inclined to acquiesce. 
  • I’m afraid they will never acquiesce, regardless of what offer we make.

On this page you'll find 108 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to acquiesce, such as: accede, cave in, comply, concur, conform, and give in.

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