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Kids that are growing up today, they just aren’t tolerating anything and I do love that.

He then said he could not use it because, as he has gotten older, his stomach cannot tolerate hot, spicy food.

We must affirm that this type of behavior is not now, will not be tomorrow and will never be tolerated in the United States Congress.

For years, defense officials have said that they do not tolerate extremism in the ranks — a point that senior defense officials repeated Tuesday.

However, we needed to fly over people to get feedback about how people would tolerate the minimized boom.

“The US cannot tolerate the idea of any rival economic entity,” Stone writes.

He also wrote, “Torture is not a thing that we can tolerate.”

Revisions went back and forth for weeks before Caro finally signed off on versions he could tolerate.

Should she leave her husband and endure loneliness or tolerate his dalliance and keep a companion for old age?

Why tolerate toxicity in a powerful sphere of modern life that has the potential to—and does—benefit so many?

I cannot believe that a good God would create or tolerate a Devil, nor that he would allow the Devil to tempt man.

Her left knee was supported on pillows, and the bed-clothes were raised away from it, for it could tolerate no weight whatever.

But if the "great public" will only tolerate one as a pupil long enough, eventually, one must succeed.

An ear accustomed to the fine tone of a good violin will not now tolerate a bad piano-forte.

But I would tolerate, welcome, indeed, plead for a stiff protective duty upon foreign goods.


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