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For example, if you’re selling for a shoe brand, you might describe the shoe versus let’s say the model, if that’s the core message you’re trying to convey from the image.

It’s always a let down when a movie doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Entries in the Let’s Learn About series present a mini lesson on a topic.

So as long as I can convince physicians that they should prescribe this drug, then I’m going to invest in this, rather than investing in let’s say something extraordinarily risky, which has enormous potential upside from a public health standpoint.

So we have built an algorithm in our economy, which is clearly wrong, just like Facebook’s focus on let’s show people things that are more engaging, turned out to be wrong.

This entire ordeal reeks of bureaucratic overreach being bandied about in the name of “let-us-save-the-children” politics.

Uh, what part of last-team-to-let-Tim-Tebow-go are you not understanding, non-believers?

The White House just had to scratch it out with a real strategy and a never-let-go attitude.

The jukebox blasts “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by the 5th Dimension.

Beyond that, Wallace spoke openly about his struggles with depression well before we entered the let-it-all-hang-out culture.

Further, why not sub-let the flat to any of your own friends who can afford to give you a few guineas a week for it?

Mr. O'Connell was, in fact, "a middle man;" he rented extensive lands, and sub-let at a very large profit.

Burmans love it, and no feast is complete without it, indeed a packet of let-pet is an invitation to something festive.

At one place it is let-pet, or pickled tea, though the plant from which the stuff is made is not really a tea-plant.

All was serene and lovely on the surface, however, with many won't-you-let-me's and please-do-now's on both sides.


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What are other ways to say let?

The verb let is the familiar, conversational term for both allow and permit. Allow and permit are often interchangeable as terms that imply granting or conceding the right of someone to do something, but permit is the more positive of the two. Allow implies complete absence of an attempt, or even an intent, to hinder. Permit suggests formal or implied assent or authorization. 

On this page you'll find 111 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to let, such as: accredit, approve, authorize, cause, certify, and commission.

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